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Corporations Are Extra-Human People, My Friend

By Dean Robinson, Summit City Noise - May 30, 2017

Mitt Romney said years ago "Corporations are people, my friend." He wasn't lying.

Well, maybe he WAS lying about all that "my friend" stuff, but he was telling the truth about corporations being people in the United States.

Look to the Code of Laws of the United States. You don't even have to look very far. It's on page one and page two.

The Code says: the words "person", "human being", "child", and "individual", shall include every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development. "Born alive" refers to a human being who, upon expulsion or extraction from the mother, draws breath or has a beating heart. the words "person" and "whoever" include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals.

The word "person" refers to "corporations," according to the Code of Laws of the United States.

Most people don't know about this stuff so they think Mitt Romney was lying when he said "Corporations are people, my friend." He was lying about being a friend but he was telling the truth about corporations being people in the United States.

Major U.S.-based international corporations and foreign governments form partnerships based on using money and media to influence human behavior in the United States.

According to the U.S. Code of Laws, Philadelphia-based Comcast Universal NBC Television is a person. The U.S. Code says San Francisco-based Wells Fargo and Company is a person. So let's talk about those mugs.

In March 2010, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Department of Justice charged Wells Fargo and Wachovia Bank with fees totaling $160 million to end the government's criminal case against Wachovia for laundering $378 billion for Mexican drug cartels. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia Bank, then paid the fines they knew were coming.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau placed a $100 million fine on Wells Fargo and Company to settle the bank's current Fake Account Fraud scandal.

Wells Fargo maintains 25 locations in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Journal Gazette, the News-Sentinel, WANE-TV, WPTA-TV, WFFT-TV and WOWO-AM have not asked a single, local Wells Fargo executive, manager or employee about two million fraudulent Wells Fargo bank accounts created by 5,300 Wells Fargo workers.

Instead, Wells Fargo pays TV stations and networks to run commercials about how sorry Wells Fargo feels about the whole matter and how they're cleaning up their act.

Comcast, I didn't forget about you.

Comcast is an international communications behemoth that includes the Comcast cable TV network, Universal movies, Universal Music, Universal theme parks, NBC-TV, CNBC, and MSNBC.

The Russian government pays Comcast for carrying Russia Today - the Kremlin propaganda TV news network known as RT - in major markets on the Comcast U.S. cable TV system. Russia Today employs former MSNBC host Ed Schultz for a program called "The News with Ed Schultz."

Comcast Universal and all major Hollywood movie studios have distribution and/or production contracts with state-controlled companies in China. Channel News Asia reports Comcast is building a multi-billion dollar Universal theme park in Beijing, China as a joint venture with a state-backed tourism firm.

Donald Trump came to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2016 to scream "We can't continue to allow China to rape our country. It's the greatest theft in the history of the world." The truth is Comcast and China are engaged in consensual communist entertainment business affairs.

President Trump says he has not colluded with the Russian government. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts takes money from the Russian government for carrying the Russian government's news channel on cable TV in the United States. The Associated Press and executive data firm Equilar say Comcast CEO Brian Roberts earned $36.2 million in 2016.

Comcast and Wells Fargo are extra-human people who get away with doing stuff that results in prison time for regular human people who try to do the same thing. Local media could be reporting on this stuff but they're not.

Local TV stations can't report critically about Comcast because local TV stations receive programming fees from Comcast. The only time local TV stations do report critically about Comcast is when local TV stations are negotiating programming fees with Comcast.

WANE-TV, the CBS affiliate in Fort Wayne, receives money from Comcast for programming. WANE-TV also receives money from Comcast for running Comcast TV commercials. Comcast receives money from the Kremlin for carrying Russia Today in the USA.

WANE-TV news director Ted Linn says he had never heard of Russia Today before a few days ago, in the month of May 2017.

Ted Linn loves the puff piece produced by WANE TV anchorman Brett Thomas about a local marketing campaign called What's Between the Buns?

I like to call it WANE-TV: What's Up the Crack?

Thomas spends almost five minutes during a newscast praising Kurt Henry - the brother of Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry -- and his business endeavors on Main Street in Fort Wayne. Thomas calls Mayor Henry's brother "the Mayor of Main Street" and "the restoration reverend of this revival." Thomas also talks about how Kurt Henry acquired his Main Street properties during a "building buying binge."

WANE-TV anchorman Brett Thomas may have used up his alliteration dictionary, but he succeeded in thrilling news director Ted Linn.

That's why pro-business, pro-government public relations passes for news in Fort Wayne.

That's why WOWO-AM conservative capitalist Christian Republican radio-show host Pat Miller says "Journalism is dead" when he's not promoting Windows, Doors & More, Best Blinds, Niagara Therapy, Edgerton Travel, Weight Loss Solutions, Tradewell Tax and Financial, Berger Auto, the Mosquito Squad, and other corporations willing to spend money for advertising at Federated Media.

When it comes to news, Pat Miller does talk about liberal Hollywood decadence. Pat Miller also talks about billionaire Democrat donor George Soros giving money to Black Lives Matter. Pat Miller definitely talks about Hillary Clinton being paid by Goldman Sachs for corporate speeches.

Pat Miller does not talk about President Trump's Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, who worked for George Soros and Goldman Sachs before producing numerous Hollywood movies like "Suicide Squad" for Warner Bros. and "The Devil Wears Prada" for 20th Century Fox.

The Code of Laws says a person can be corporate or human.

A corporation is NOT human.

Media corporations are extra-human beings that employ regular human beings to bombard other human beings with information that influences thought for the purpose of controlling human activity. Corporations are other-than-human beings exercising rights that should be reserved for regular human beings.

Unfortunately, corporations are people, my friend.

I'm only lying about being your friend.


Corporations are extra-human people, my friend

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