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Fort Wayne Commercial Media is News United

By Dean Robinson - March 2, 2018

Quincy Media, based in Quincy, Illinois, owns WPTA-TV.

WPTA is MyTV, ABC and NBC in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

WPTA operates Fort Wayne CW, owned by SagamoreHill Broadcasting, based in Augusta, Georgia.

Fox affiliate WFFT-TV is owned by Heartland Media, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

CBS affiliate WANE-TV is owned by Nexstar Media Group, based in Irving, Texas.

Fort Wayne Commercial Television is 100 percent owned by out-of-state companies.

The Journal Gazette newspaper is owned by the Journal Gazette Co., based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The News-Sentinel is a single page within the Journal Gazette.

The News-Sentinel and the Journal Gazette are operated by Fort Wayne Newspapers.

The Journal Gazette owns 25 percent of Fort Wayne Newspapers.

The News-Sentinel owns 75 percent of Fort Wayne Newspapers.

The News-Sentinel is owned by Ogden Newspapers Inc., based in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Fort Wayne Media: Partners in News

The Journal Gazette features editor Sandy Thorne Clark, features writer Steve Penhollow, metro editor Tracy Warner, and other Journal Gazette staff appeared on WPTA-TV.

The Journal Gazette writer Karen Francisco appears on WOWO-AM and FM.

The News-Sentinel opinion writer and reporter Kevin Leininger appears on WOWO.

WOWO and the News-Sentinel are "Partners in News."

WOWO is owned by Federated Media, based in Mishawaka, Indiana.

WOWO broadcasts Fox News.

WFFT-TV broadcasts Fox News.

WOWO and WPTA are "Partners in News."

WPTA-TV anchor Alexis Gray appears on WOWO.

WANE-TV anchor Alyssa Ivanson appears on WOWO.

The News-Sentinel sports reporter Blake Sebring appears on WANE-TV.

Fort Wayne Commercial Media is News United

WOWO-AM, the Journal Gazette, the News-Sentinel, WANE-TV, WPTA-TV, and WFFT-TV are News United in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

WOWO-AM is the axle at the center of the Fort Wayne media wheel.

WOWO-AM host Pat Miller complains about left-wing, liberal media all the time on his daily talk show but he NEVER accuses anybody in Fort Wayne media.

Fort Wayne Commercial News LOVES Mayor Tom Henry and city government.

WANE-TV reporter Brett Thomas produces regular public relations efforts for Mayor Henry, including a report about Mayor Henry shaving his mustache.

The Fort Wayne CW station manager Barb Richards says "I have too good of a relationship with the city and the mayor to jeopardize anything. I love my Mayor. A long time ago in this market, I made the decision to wear the white hat in the media. I'm going to continue to wear the white hat on this TV station, too."

Fort Wayne Commercial Media is News United - a crew-for-hire that works for the City of Fort Wayne.

Or maybe they HAVE to do it - like a chain gang, which sounds about right because WOWO host Pat Miller is the weak link.


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