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Indiana Senate Race Right Wing Mud Sling
By Dean Robinson Summit City Noise

If you'd like to see how Republican Party candidates use race, religion, and nationalism in mainstream political campaigns, look to the U.S. Senate race in Indiana.

Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly's seat is up for grabs this year so we have three Republican candidates spending big money on advertising to stimulate primary voters.

IndyStar: Indiana race for U.S. Senate generates most advertising in the nation By Maureen Groppe - March 15, 2018

The multi-candidate GOP primary combined with a top Democratic target has resulted in the contest topping the charts for most television ads aired this year among Senate races across the country, according to a report by the independent Wesleyan Media Project.

Senate race ads by the candidates themselves or outside groups have aired more than 6,700 times from January through March 12 at an estimated cost of $1.9 million.

The time period... doesn't capture ads run last year by former state Rep. Mike Braun, one of the three Republicans running in the May 8 primary to take on Donnelly.

In Indiana, about half of the ads have been paid for by the GOP candidates — Braun and U.S. Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer.

Dean Robinson: These guys are spending millions of dollars on political ads.

If you believe what they're advertising, then you believe they're all Christian, they're all conservative, they all want to build the Wall, and they're all loyal to President Trump...

BUT each candidate wants you to believe the other two candidates are lying about ALL that stuff.

This radio ad for Todd Rokita really sums up what all these guys are really all about.

TODD ROKITA AD: According to the Census Bureau, 44 percent of the people living in California speak a language other than English at home.

If Nancy Pelosi and Joe Donnelly have their way, we can say 'Adios' to the America we grew up in.

I'm Todd Rokita. We need to build the wall, make English our official language, and ban dangerous sanctuary cities.

Dean Robinson: The first thing Todd Rokita's ad addresses is people speaking a language other than English AT HOME.

Why is Todd Rokita so threatened by what people in California are saying privately inside their own homes?

Todd Rokita wants to make English our official language in the United States.

But English is Great Britain's language.

Why can't we get our own language?

Ebonics is more American than English!

Fort Wayne priests and pastors, can I get an amen?

The Journal Gazette: Pastors condemn Rokita commercial - 'Fight Back' called racist By Matthew Leblanc - April 21, 2018

Leaders of two local churches - Imani Baptist Temple and Plymouth Congregational Church - decried what they say is racist imagery in a Republican campaign ad.

Titled “Fight Back,” the ad depicts a kneeling Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who ignited national controversy when he refused to stand for the national anthem.

Rev. Bill McGill of Imani Baptist Temple organized a news conference Friday afternoon near the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. bridge to discuss the ads.

Steve Shine, chairman of the Allen County Republican Party, attended the news conference and said he had not seen the ad.

Dean Robinson: Mike Braun, Luke Messer, Todd Rokita and political action committees are spending MILLIONS of dollars on political advertising in Indiana.

These mugs are BLANKETING Allen County with political ads on WANE-TV, WPTA-TV, WFFT-TV, and WOWO-AM but somehow Allen County Republican Party Chairman and part-time WOWO-AM host Steve Shine doesn't know what the Republican Party is doing with media in Allen County.

Why do Todd Rokita and other Christian Republican Nationalists hate Colin Kaepernick so much?

We have to go to Amnesty International.


Athlete and inspiring activist Colin Kaepernick has been honoured with Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience Award for 2018.

“The Ambassador of Conscience award celebrates the spirit of activism and exceptional courage, as embodied by Colin Kaepernick.

He is an athlete who is now widely recognised for his activism because of his refusal to ignore or accept racial discrimination,” said Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International

Dean Robinson: Previous Ambassador of Conscience Award winners include former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, Alicia Keys, Joan Baez, Peter Gabriel, and Nelson Mandela.

Amnesty International: Salil Shetty - "Colin Kaepernick’s commitment is all the more remarkable because of the alarming levels of vitriol it has attracted from those in power.”

Dean Robinson: Todd Rokita using vitriolic nationalism against Colin Kaepernick and the NFL to stimulate white voters is low.

But it's not as low as Mike Braun.

Fox 59: Widow of Uber driver killed in crash 'disgusted' husband is being used in political ad By Associated Press - February 22, 2018

The widow of an Uber driver killed in a suspected drunken driving crash by a person in the U.S. illegally says a new political ad featuring her deceased husband has “devastated” the family.

Deb Monroe tells The Associated Press she wants Republican Indiana Senate candidate Mike Braun to take down his new immigration themed ad.

But she says his campaign won’t return her call.

Dean Robinson: Mike Braun eventually stopped paying TV stations like WANE-TV and WPTA-TV to run the ad AFTER a private citizen asked the CANDIDATE to stop exploiting her dead husband for votes.

Mike Braun exploiting black people, dead black people, and the Indianapolis Colts to stimulate white voters is low.

But it's not as low as Luke Messer.

Luke Messer pimps his own teenage daughters for political gain.

Dude comes off like Lot in the Book of Genesis.

Remember when that angry crowd surrounded

Lot's house and demanded those two angels come out?

Lot said: Forget those guys. How about I give you my two daughters? You can do whatever you want with them.

If you don't read the Bible, it's like The Blues Brothers.

"The Blues Brothers" Produced and distributed by Universal Pictures - June 20, 1980

JAKE: How much for the little girl? The women. How much for the women?

MAN: What?

JAKE: Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters. Sell them to me. Sell me your children.

MAN: Maitre d...

Dean Robinson: Mike Braun, Luke Messer, and Todd Rokita are spending millions of dollars on identical advertising campaigns that exploit religion, nationalism, and racism to rally support from white voters.

Each one of these guys is using the exact same ads to convince people that the other two guys are lying.


Indiana Senate Race Right Wing Mud Sling

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