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Mass murder is regularly scheduled programming on Commercial TV News - Death Wish joins Gangster Squad as the wrong movie violence at the wrong time - U.S. college system hijacks universal knowledge for the wealthy by making education too expensive

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For Fathers Day 2018, WPTA-TV chief meteorologist Matt Leach publishes commentary on Facebook detailing his first conversation with his father regarding Matt being a gay man.

Turn to WPTA's "Partner in News" radio station WOWO-AM to hear The Pat Miller Program promote Christianity to degrade the LGBT community on a regular basis. Miller uses the Holy Bible to push his religious social-political worldview because King James and the Vatican have already done the heavy lifting.Fort_Wayne_Partners_in_News__Its_complicated_By_Dean_Robinson_Summit_City_Noise_June_20_2018.html
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Fort Wayne Partners in News: It's complicatedFort_Wayne_Partners_in_News__Its_complicated_By_Dean_Robinson_Summit_City_Noise_June_20_2018.html
American War Hawks vs. Assad the Barbarian
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The DEAN Show January 28, 2018: Fantasticon Fort Wayne interviews with Tugg creators Kim and Blake Ovard; Allen Etter; Devon Ewing; and Andrew Harmon - Van Beuren Studios "Red Riding Hood" cartoon (1931) - The Landis Moment with A Dose of Landis host Jeff Landis - The Problem with Parking Meters in Fort Wayne - "I'm Sorry I'm Tiger" music video by DEAN JAY