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The DEAN Show: Nine Mile Restaurant owners Barry Liggett and Joe Strack, musicians Hubie Ashcraft and Travis Gow, Noveltoons cartoon "Sudden Fried Chicken" (1946), The Landis Moment, The Truth about RT a.k.a. Russia Today, DEAN JAY Almost Karaoke: Do the Shakedown!,%202017.mp3

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Dean Robinson

Radio Show

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 4:05 p.m.

Daniel M. Rifkin connects Waterloo MetalX fires to Fort Wayne "North River Property" purchase - Irving Rifkin: White, Real Fred Sanford strikes OmniSource Gold in Superior Iron and Metal scrap - Billion-dollar OmniSource purchase transforms offspring Steel Dynamics into parent company - What do scrap metal fires have to do with a different approach to shredding?

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Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4:05 p.m.
Dean Robinson
Radio Show
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The Dean Robinson Radio Show

The DEAN Show: Comic book artist Arvell Jones (Iron Man, Iron Fist, All-Star Squadron), "Pantry Panic" cartoon by Walter Lantz Productions (1941), "Sunday Morning" by DEAN JAY with Burt Skye and the Skylites, Operation AJAX Boot (Democracy in Iran 1951-1953), The Landis Moment, DEAN JAY Almost Karaoke: Black List. The DEAN Show airs every Sunday at 11 a.m. on the Fort Wayne CW - WISE-TV channel 33.1.