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Mass murder is regularly scheduled programming on Commercial TV News - Death Wish joins Gangster Squad as the wrong movie violence at the wrong time - U.S. college system hijacks universal knowledge for the wealthy by making education too expensive

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Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4:05 p.m.

The Dean Robinson Radio Show

THE DEAN SHOW CANCELLED BY THE CW: The Fort Wayne CW (WISE-TV 33.1) station manager Barb Richards has attempted to censor or cancel The DEAN Show ever since the FIRST episode, broadcast Sunday, October 1, 2017. Why does Barb Richards hate The DEAN Show so much? It's really more about her LOVE for Mayor Tom Henry.

"I have too good of a relationship with the city and the mayor to jeopardize anything. I love my Mayor. A long time ago in this market, I made the decision to wear the white hat in the media. I'm going to continue to wear the white hat on this TV station, too."

WOWO-AM, the Journal Gazette, the News-Sentinel, WANE-TV, WPTA-TV, and WFFT-TV are News United in Fort Wayne, Indiana. WOWO is the axle at the center of the Fort Wayne media wheel. WOWO host Pat Miller complains about left-wing, liberal media all the time on his daily talk show but he NEVER accuses anybody in Fort Wayne media.

Fort Wayne Commercial Media is News United - a crew-for-hire that works for the City of Fort Wayne.Fort_Wayne_Commercial_Media_is_News_United_By_Dean_Robinson_Summit_City_Noise.html
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Fort Wayne Commercial Media is News UnitedFort_Wayne_Commercial_Media_is_News_United_By_Dean_Robinson_Summit_City_Noise.html